Replacement Parts & Hardware

Here you will find replacement parts for some GrassGator® heads including bump knobs, springs, spare nuts and bolts. 

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R5080 - Nut & Bolt Kit
R5080R5283 - 5620 Replacement Discs

Nut and Bolt Kit that comes with the GrassGator® heads.

Replacement discs for GrassGator models 5620 and 4700. Pack of 3.



Eyelets for some GrassGator® heads. Replacement Bump Knob for GrassGator®Havy Duty Bump & Feed
R5306- Metal EyeletR5635

Eyelets for some GrassGator® heads
First one is free. Use coupon code "Eyelet" at checkout.

Replacement Bump Knob for GrassGator® Heavy Duty Bump & Feed



Spacer Cup for curved shaft trimmers.

Spacer Cup for curved shaft trimmers.